Our Fees are competitive.  Nail clippings are only R30 for Small Breeds and R40 for Large Breeds. We groom to international standards and groom ALL BREEDS including Special Requests and Show Grooming. We pay attention to what our customers want. Our facilities are spacious and air-conditioned. Large Breeds enjoy a big walk-in shower. There are No Steps, No Ramps and no Boxes to climb! Little breeds have their own special shower designed just for them.   Rubber mats are used through-out as an extra measure to help pets feel safe and secure. We specialize in working with Elderly & Invalid Pets. We pay close attention to their extra needs.

All Dogs are hand-dried. We have lots of patience, and years of experience in dealing with any breed. We understand Dogs. We know their likes and dislikes. We know what extra gentle loving care means to them!  A convenient Collection and Deliver for our Customers’ PETS is available .



Our Staff are experienced and groom to international standards. They have received special training and are qualified to work with your Pets!.   We pay very close attention to the overhaul condition of your Pet’s health.

All Grooming INCLUDES the following with NO extra charges;

  • Pre-brushing:   Examine of your pet before we bath. Early detection of abnormalities such as skin conditions, cysts, growths, open wounds etc, are reported to you. This definitely helps Pet Owners with lower Vets bills and absolutely saves Pets from prolonged discomfort if left unchecked.
  • Bathing: We ONLY  use Special Canine Shampoos and Herbal Conditioners.  Pet shampoos are lower in acidity than human shampoos and will not upset the delicate Ph balance of your dogs sensitive skin.
  • Every Pet is Hand Towel Dried before we use  our imported K9 PET dryers which are designed to massage the skin using air-stream velocity.
  • Bathing areas are spacious and comfortable.  No Steps!  No Ramps! No Boxes!
  • We Brush the teeth.
  • We gently clean the ears with special Vet formulated Ear Cleaners.
  • Anal Glands expressed upon request.
  • Dipping upon request (some pets are allergic to dip so we ask first).  We also use special herbal flea shampoos.
  • Nails are clipped.
  • Styling and cutting
  • Shaving upon request.
  • Regular walks in our large tranquil gardens.
  • Imported Colognes, it last longer and has our signature aroma.
  • Relaxing music, cool floor tiles and air-conditioned premises.
  • Plenty ear rubs, tummy tickles with lots of loving attention.
  • Extra Special attention to Senior and Invalid Dogs.
  • Lots of Patience Love and Understanding.

Business Hours: Mon – Fri 7.00 am. To 3.00 pm

Convenient Collection / Delivery Service is available.

Please call 021 852 5050 for your specific PET BREED.