We LOVE what we do! Working with Animals is very rewarding! We work as a team to ensure that your ‘Baby’ has a pleasant experience and to get them back home to you as quickly as possible. With Lots of Love, Ear Rubs and Tummy Tickles, many pets very quickly get to know us as individuals, developing a comfortable trust and friendship. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we hope you will enjoy these of us in action. We’d like to share some general TIPS with you that we know, your Pet will appreciate!

  1. If you want to wash FIDO between grooming at home, please brush before bathing. This prevents more knots from developing and makes existing ones easier to get out. Your Pet will definitely appreciate it!
  2. Between regular grooms, you can help eliminate doggy odour by rubbing FIDO down with a ‘baby wipe’ for a quick refresh.TT
  3. Never hit or force your Pet to get into the car or bakkie to come to us. We don’t want him thinking he’s going to the Vet or Dentist. If you have difficulty getting your pet to co-operate call us for help and free advice.
  4. Your PET knows when we are finished grooming him or her. They feel good and are excited to show off their fresh look and strut ‘Their Stuff’. We see those sad eyes of disappointment when they are left for long periods when Mommy or Daddy is late. Please Collect FIDO promptly.
  5. Bring FIDO in between visits for a quick nail clip. Letting it grow too long, is not only uncomfortable but can be painful too. Small breeds are only R10 and Larger Breeds R15.

Business Hours: Mon – Fri 7.00 am. To 3.00 pm

Convenient Collection / Delivery Service is available.

Please call 021 852 5050 for your specific PET BREED.