Best site in South Africa for anyone who owns a pet. Fantastic Consumer information, including hotels, resorts etc if holidaying with your pets. Definately worth surfing.

Our suggested helpful links to help you find what you need quickly for all animal lovers! Helderberg Animal Welfare. View Pets for Adoptions.  FREE professional grooming by Dogs ‘4’ Us when you adopt a pet.

Boarding Pets with a difference. Home away from Home.  If your pet is your Baby then it’s well worth visiting this site.

Wonderful site for all your pet health questions, what dogs should not eat, exercise, training and loads of useful information.

Going overseas with your pet? Animal/Pet transport to anywhere in the world.

South Africa’s newest website.  Informative and quickly helps you find anything regarding pets and animals such as services,breeders and much more. Excellent site!

Free Tips + Advice by Cesar Millan world famous Dog Whisperer!