Established in 1995 we remain a small ‘Family’ business for individual ‘Special Client’ attention and ‘Customer Satisfaction’. We have become a ‘local Landmark’ in the Helderberg area. (see District Mail 2010). Most of our staff have been with us for at least 10 years. Our combined professional experience exceeds 30 years.

Our motto ‘Where Pets are People Too’ is taken seriously. We respect, all GOD’S living creatures and bide by HIS rules of Love and Compassion for ALL. We believe Pets have feelings too! At DOGS ‘4’ US YOU can be assure your ‘Canine Family’ will receive all the love, respect and attention it deserves!

Brief Info: Years back, when we decided to go into the Pet Service Business, we set about finding the ideal grooming parlour for sale. In going behind the scenes, it quickly became apparent that we could never leave our two ‘Babies’ for a hair-do at any of the places that we looked at. We concluded that for us to go into the business of Grooming Dogs, our priorities would be: PET COMFORT and SAFETY first. Grooming should be as STRESS FREE as possible and an enjoyable experience for ALL. With that in mind, we custom designed our parlour to meet those goals. It was also important to us that Pet Owners be able to witness the entire process of grooming. Our ‘See-through’ premises provide for that.

To day, many customers express their appreciation for our thoughtfulness of the above and it’s with great pleasure that we can report: “It’s not only funny to see, but very rewarding when customers’ Pets actually jump out of their owner’s car, leads flying, tails-a-wagging and run straight into the parlour for his/her ‘Hair-Do’ on ‘Pamper Day’. This in itself speaks volumes!

Our goal is to ensure that your pet enjoys a pleasant experience on each and every visit. We may not be the biggest or the best, but we sure CAN and DO PROMISE: LOTS of TENDERNESS and GENTLE LOVING CARE for MAN’S BEST FRIEND!

Please call 021 852 5050 for your specific PET BREED.