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" I have been a customer of Dogs 4 Us since the business opened in 1995.  The team; led by Clarice, have consistently treated my dogs with the utmost care and respect. When they return from the parlour they look happy and (you can see) that they feel great. I like the fact that the parlour is based in a friendly home environment, which puts the dogs at ease; it is like another home to them. The large garden and lawn area where my babies are taken for their walkies is relaxing and secure.  I can whole-heartedly recommend this parlour above all others in the Helderberg region. “ .........    Sue  S/W


" My family and I want to take this moment to thank you for restoring our faith in grooming parlours.  Our  ‘Baby’ is a different dog since coming to your parlour.  Before that, Maggie used to run and hide under the bed when ever she knew she was going to the  parlour.  Now, she no longer hides but actually appears happy and excited when we say.. -Lets go Bathy  ....   Thank you.  "  ........ Janice  G.B.